Our Mission

As a family run company, our goal has always been to develop a wide range of organic products suitable for skincare in any climate and for any skin type. To this end we have been successful and continue to strive to create new products utilizing nature’s most amazing ingredients in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

All Products Are

Created in a hygenic environment with clean equipment; Laboratory tested to comply with EU regulations (including stability and microbial testing); Pet friendly – we don’t believe in testing any products on animals; 100% organic where possible – a minimum effective amount of non-paraben preservative is necessary.

In the Pipeline

We are constantly working to add more products to our lineup to help nourish, repair and protect your skin. This includes various handmade soaps which are pending EU registration. If you have a special request, or would like to see a certain product in our store, please contact us.

Who Are We and How Did it Start?

Alex and LorraineLexi Skincare is a family owned business operated out of Spain by Alex and Lorraine Hayes. Together we have culminated years of relevant experience and knowledge which has led to the creation of a company that we are both passionate about.

Alex became a pharmacist at a place and time at which many medicines were still prepared from herbal extracts. He initially apprenticed from 1968 in a South African pharmacy which had a large self-manufactured inventory. Over the years he has worked as a ‘sterile products manager’, chief pharmacist at two hospitals and also owned and operated a pharmacy himself. Later on, he moved more toward the IT side of pharmaceutical market research and eventually healthcare training.

Alex has always had a keen interest in the medicinal qualities found in plants, which has only grown stronger at a time when many turn unsuccessfully to more synthetic solutions that can do more harm than good. In fact, back when he worked in hospitals, he created his own hand cream firstly for family use, and later for nurses whose hands were often dry and damaged due to constant use of disinfectant soaps. While many hand creams were petroleum based products, he became interested in the use of gentler vegetable oils and researched the properties, use and composition to better understand and utilize them.

Lorraine on the other hand, has continually demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and in addition to working alongside Alex in his pharmacy, has taken several courses to become a certified beauty therapist. She has owned her own beauty salon and also worked as a representative for a well-known and highly respected beauty brand. Lorraine plays an integral role in the creation of Lexi Skincare products due to her expert knowledge and familiarity relating to skincare requirements, treatment and application. In addition to helping manage Lexi Skincare, Lorraine still practices beauty therapy at Saydo Market close to their property.

Lexi Skincare popped into existence due to increased demand from family, friends, and eventually people from outside our social group who were amazed at the results and wanted to purchase our skincare cream for personal use.

To view products currently available, please visit our shop. Additionally, if you have any questions at all about Lexi Skincare, please feel free to contact us any time.